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The Magic Of The Opera And The Worlds Greatest Classical Songs

The Magic Of The Opera


The Magic Of The Opera & The World’s Greatest Classical Songs is an astounding celebration of the most famous arias and songs from the world of classical music.


This magnificent show stars the incredible English National Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Ben Crick, who accompanies some of Europe's leading operatic singers. 


One of the most successful artistes in recent years to have successfully brought opera to the masses, is the celebrated international soprano Lesley Garrett; who could be better to headline this production?


Joining Lesley Garrett will be three other operatic icons featured from The Royal Opera House and English National Opera. 


International operatic tenor Lee Bradley will be performing the some of the renowned tenor arias and songs such as “La Donna e mobile” and “Nessun Dorma”.

Lesley Garrett singing on stage
man singing on stage



Now recognising that operatic music is for everyone, this exciting production appeals not just to the classical purist but to a much wider audience in general. Far from the formality and sometimes even boredom of the traditional opera gala, The Magic of The Opera creates the ambience, character and tone in keeping with any major leading theatrical productions, whilst brilliantly showcasing the traditional great operatic arias and other works from Tosca, La Bohème, Carmen and many, many more.



The show is successfully received with an air of warmth, feeling and humour deliverd by our soloists and also features popular operatic duets such as “The Pearl Fishers duet” and some of the all-time great classical songs such “Ave Maria”, “O Sole Mio” and “Time to Say Goodbye”.


The Magic of The Opera & The World’s Greatest Classical Songs live in concert promises a one-off classical extravaganza, filled with passion, power and magic that has already left audiences all over the country enthralled and on their feet night after night.

man conducting his orchestra
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