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“The Client”: Named person on the booking and associated invoice(s).


“The Artist”: The professional singer, performer, performers, cast members, musicians and orchestra members, including any supporting staff.



The Contract.


The Terms and Conditions set forth on this page and the confirmation invoice issued through Lee Bradley & ENPO forms a binding contract between “the client” (the person named on the booking and associated invoice(s), and ENPO & Lee Bradley. When a client makes a booking, it is understood that they have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions set out herein.


The person booking Lee Bradley, our performers, productions, orchestra and any other artist, staff or services must be over 18 years of age.


An engagement only becomes confirmed by us in writing after the booking fee or deposit has been paid in full. Please see ‘Fee and Payment’ below for more details.


Individual Terms and Conditions.


These are our general Terms and Conditions. Specific Terms and Conditions will apply to “the client’s” booking which will be sent in writing at the point of booking, depending on the product type and resources required.


Enquiries and Bookings.


A tailored price quote will be sent following an enquiry subject to availability. This quote is not a confirmation of booking and the date will not be held for you. A booking must be confirmed by us in writing and the deposit or full fee (whichever is applicable) paid in full by you, before any booking is confirmed.


Priority is always given to clients who already have confirmed bookings (complete with the deposit paid) over provisional bookings, enquiries or temporary date and time holds.


The initial contact with any potential client is usually dealt with by our office who will be pleased to answer any questions you may have and also facilitate the actual booking process.


We reserve the right to decline specific booking requests for reasons such as suitability, logistics, and health and safety or any situation that is potentially contentious.


Our Provision.


We offer the following services:-

  • Full professional philharmonic orchestra with all supporting staff.

  • Lee Bradley who is engaged as a high-quality professional singer.

  • Various artists and performers.

  • Full production cast with supporting artists and musical accompaniment as detailed on our website.

  • Full supporting stage and technical staff and equipment.

  • Recording studio with studio facilities and staff.


We will outline which of the above apply to “the client’s” specific booking based on “the client’s” requirements.


Unless previously agreed in writing, none of our artists or any associates will act as a street tout for companies and we do not offer services for street marketing including during the actual engagement.


Fee and Payment.


When a client chooses to proceed with a booking, under the musicians union guidance, we must guarantee all of our artists, musicians and all related third parties in connection to the booking full payment. As such, the full fee must be paid in full by at least ninety days before the date(s) of the engagement(s) in order to secure “the client’s” booking.


We can offer payment by instalments to some existing clients. If a client chooses to pay by instalments, we require a minimum of at least a 50% deposit at the time of booking in order to secure your booking. The full payment must be received no later than 90 days before the date of engagement.


Payments received from clients will be held in trust in our client account (which is a business bank account in the UK) until the completion of the engagement and a full guarantee will be issued to “the client” from us securing their payment.


All payments are non-refundable except in the unlikely event that we are unable to fulfil the contract for reasons such as illness. Please also see clause ‘Force Majeure’ below.


If the fee or deposit is not received at least 90 days before the engagement, the date and time booked may not be held and may be offered to another client and the deposit will be lost. Clients will be contacted using the contact details they have supplied to provide an opportunity to make payment before losing an unconfirmed booking. “the client” is responsible for providing the correct contact details at all times.


If a booking is made less than 90 days before the date of the engagement(s), we cannot accept payment by instalments and the full fee must be paid immediately in order to confirm your booking. Bookings made in less 90 days will not be confirmed until full payment is received.


Any remaining balance due after the engagement must be paid in full within 10 working days.


Payment can be made directly to our UK bank account which will be detailed on “the client” invoice.


Overtime Costs and Scheduling.


Shortly after a booking has been made, “the client” will be issued with all details relating to their booking which will include the pre-agreed start time, duration and finish time. If at a later point, including during the actual engagement, additional time is required for our services for reasons such as the event overrunning or there is a scheduling issue, this will be charged at cost as outlined within the specified Terms and Conditions. Overtime costs are charged per additional hour on a pro-rata basis to the nearest minute.


Granting a request for additional time from us will be subject to our availability and therefore additional time, beyond that which is stated on the booking confirmation, cannot be guaranteed.


It is the responsibility of “the client” to ensure that an event runs on time and all rehearsals, performance times and any other scheduled activities involving any artist, musicians and services fit within the agreed-upon booking time. While we will try to accommodate unforeseen circumstances, we will not alter the delivery of our services in a way that might jeopardise the quality of our product(s).


Musicians Union Guidelines.


All of the musicians we use for our performances are members of the Musicians’ Union, a highly-respected organisation looking after the interests of over 32,000 musicians across the globe. Depending on the performance requirements of “the client”, our musicians are subject to their own guidelines as directed by the Musicians’ Union and “the client” must be aware, acknowledge and agree to these at the time of booking.


Use of Alternative (‘Dep’) Performers / Understudies.

At the time of booking, we try to ensure that “the artists”, performers, musicians and any supporting performance staff or production team members will consist of the original line-up represented to “the client” at the outset of the booking. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it may be required to substitute a performer. The ‘artists’ will have ‘Dep’ performers available (also referred to as understudies) who will be called upon to cover any artist’s absence in all eventualities and we also reserve the right to use one or more ‘Dep’ performers should we need to. The ‘artist’ is agreeable that ‘Dep’ performers used will truly reflect the quality and ability of “the artist” in a way that has been pre-agreed with “the client” at the original booking stage.


Should we need to substitute an available and suitable ‘Dep’ performer, “the artist” may use them without any further consultation or notification to “the client”. Any fee reduction in the case of using a ‘Dep’ performer is not applicable and nor does it mean that the performance can be cancelled unless “the artist” being replaced is of significant celebrity status.


Bookings Outside of the UK Mainland.


Quotes for booking requests outside of the UK mainland will include, where applicable, all travel, accommodation and all associated costs (such as baggage) and will be booked by our office unless agreed otherwise. A provisional quote along with specified Terms and Conditions will be issued upon enquiry and a confirmed quote will be issued at the time of booking, as flight and accommodation costs are subject to availability and fluctuation.


Showtimes and rehearsals.


The performance time, rehearsal time and breaks will be stated in the Specific Terms and Conditions related to “the client’s” booking as each individual booking will have different requirements subject “the client’s” requests.


Dressing Rooms and WC.


“The client” is required to provide respectable, clean, secure and suitable changing areas and where applicable for male and female respectively. Each individual area should be able to comfortably accommodate the number of people specified in relation to “the client’s” booking and store equipment and/or instrument cases. These should also have a safe source of power.


Access must be provided to respectable washrooms/W.C both within the backstage area (or nearby) and the dressing room areas.


Stage passes.


We will issue stage/security passes (also known as backstage passes) to all team members, artists, the orchestra, cast members and any other associates necessary for the fulfilment of the engagement. It is required that anyone wearing one is allowed on site, backstage and/or on stage by any event staff and security personnel where applicable.


Parking and unloading.


We require close proximity and adequate parking to accommodate the corresponding number of artists, musicians and team members in relation “the client’s” booking which will be stated in the Specific Terms and Conditions. Often, our team travel by coach. Parking must be provided free of charge to all people in possession of a stage pass. Where possible this should be a staff /private only parking area.


In the event that there is no legal parking within a reasonable 0.5-mile distance from the venue and thus renders “the artist” incapable of unloading or after unloading “the artist” cannot find a usable and secure legal parking space, “the client” agrees to pay for the parking charges that may be incurred. This is only on the basis that “the artist” must have made all reasonable attempts to secure a legal parking space where possible. Reimbursement of these parking expenses within ten working days of the event.




Larger engagements may require catering to be provided for our artists and production members. This should include water, tea, coffee and where possible a hot meal or buffet with consideration for food allergies and vegetarian diets for all members of our crew who are in possession of a stage pass issued from our office. These requirements will be stated in the Specific Terms and Conditions in relation to “the client’s” booking and we will advise on the final numbers for catering orders at least 24 hours beforehand.




Unless agreed otherwise in writing, we reserve the right without any further notice to “the client” to sell our own merchandise which may include souvenir programmes, posters, books, CD's, DVDs etc. Our merchandise is produced to a very high standard.


Recording of performances.


Unless agreed otherwise in writing, we reserve the right to record (both audio and visual), film and photograph our show without any further notice to “the client”. Only authorised personnel from our office are permitted access for this. Unless agreed beforehand in writing, client and audience recording is strictly prohibited.


Sound and lighting.


Professional sound and lighting are extremely vital to the high quality and success of our productions and for the satisfaction of “the client”. We are able to provide our own in house sound and lighting technicians and equipment as an additional service and this will be charged accordingly. This ensures that the performance will be enhanced by the correct sound and lighting required in relation to the engagement.


Should “the client” choose to provide their own sound and lighting technicians, we cannot guarantee the quality of the equipment being utilised nor the experience of the technician(s). Any sound and lighting technician provided must be of the highest calibre and be a professionally qualified technician who is experienced in providing sound and lighting for high profile show productions. They would need to be proficient in the extensive technical set-up and functionality of all equipment which will be specified in our technical requirements.


At the point of booking, “the client” must notify us that they choose to provide their own sound and lighting technician and give us permission to establish a full line of communication directly with the technician(s) used at the engagement. This communication will help to clarify any questions we have in order to satisfy all of our technical requirements. However, if we feel that the experience and professionalism of the technician do not meet our exacting standards, we reserve the right to use our own sound and lighting technician to ensure the best result for “the client”. This service will be charged additionally.


Outdoor Appearances and Weather.


We will always try and work with a client to find a solution to any outdoor events that may be impacted by inclement weather. However, as stated under ‘fee and payment’ cancellation is non-refundable and we cannot be held responsible if the event is cancelled due to bad weather. A re-schedule of “the client” booking may be possible but will be subject to availability and may incur additional costs.


Client Responsibilities.

“The client” agrees that the following will be available at the performance venue:

  • a safe source of power

  • a safe performance area

  • appropriate licenses and no inhibiting noise limiters

  • all necessary risk assessments and health and safety checks in accordance with the Health & Safety Executive

If venue restrictions mean that “the artists” cannot perform, no refunds will be made and “the client” will still be liable for any cancellation fees and/or outstanding payments as stated in our specific Terms and Conditions.

It is “the client's” sole responsibility to provide any additional support staff which relates to the smooth running of the booking. This includes, but is not limited to, the hiring of security and event management staff, who must be present at all times for performances held in all public venues. It is “the client’s” sole responsibility to ensure that these requirements have been fully explored, sourced and acquired prior to the confirmation of any booking and all relevant personnel information disclosed to us following GDPR guidelines.

Any equipment or instruments provided by “the artist” are not available for use by any other person, unless a prior agreement has been made directly with our office.

All ‘Client Responsibilities’ must be met and provided by “the client” at their own expense; failure to do so will be deemed as a breach of contract. Any modifications to ‘Client Responsibilities’ are negotiable between “the client” and “the artist” directly through our office and will be specifically written into the booking contract and additionally signed by both parties.

Cancellation and Period Of Notice.


Notification of cancellation by “the client” must be made at the earliest opportunity. Cancellation of engagements made by “the client” are non-refundable.


In the unlikely event that we are unable to fulfil the contract for reasons such as illness, the fee or deposit (whichever is applicable) will be fully refunded to “the client” within 10 working days.


Either party may terminate the booking by giving written notice, to arrive with the other party, no later than 90 days prior to the date of the commencement of the engagement. Such notification must be sent to the other party in writing by either email or signed for postal service.


Behaviour and safety.


It is expected that all persons present at the venue of the engagement behave in a safe, courteous and respectful manner towards all of our artists and associated members of our team.


If any person present at the engagement behaves in such a way that unreasonably disrupts the performance, makes unwanted and/or inappropriate physical contact, demonstrates aggression or abusive language towards our artists, associates and/or property, or we are put into any situation that would be reasonably deemed to be unsafe, we are entitled, without prior notice, to terminate the engagement with immediate effect. In such a case, no refunds will be made, and “the client” is liable to pay any expenses and/or costs incurred as a result of such a termination.


It is “the client’s” responsibly to remove any perpetrators of such behaviour.


Supporting Team and Contractors, Assistants and Associates.


“The artist” reserves the right to hire and include any third party subcontractors in order to fulfil the contract. Any contractors and subcontractors will be high calibre professionals reflecting the prestige of our artists’ performances.




When considering travel, we always make sure to leave early, ahead of time to get to the engagement early and long journeys are often made the day before to venues. However, please advise us of any major roadworks or other potential travel disruption near the venue prior to our departure that may require extra time. When a major road or motorway is closed, we cannot accept any blame for being late.




“The client” must not disclose any details including terms and conditions pertaining to their booking in any public capacity such as on social media, other internet sites or by any other public means. This shall include, without limitation, the revelation of the fee charged by us. Our artists are represented by our office only and it is strictly prohibited for “the client”, or any associate of “the client”, to approach any of our artists or team members directly. If confidentiality is breached or contact with our artists made, we reserve the right to cancel the performance which will be non-refundable.


Copyright and use of our material.


We take the protection of our copyright very seriously.


Except as expressly permitted by this notice, you must not use, copy, edit or otherwise modify any material on our website including videos, photos, audio recordings and text unless agreed in writing by us beforehand. Any material use including images, videos and audio recordings featuring Lee Bradley, any of our musicians and/or orchestra, any other cast members is strictly prohibited.


If anyone uses our copyright materials in contravention of the licence set out in this notice, we may bring legal proceedings against them, seeking monetary damages and/or an injunction to stop them using those materials; legal costs would also be incurred by anyone who breaches this.



Our office together with our licensors own and control all the copyright and other intellectual property rights in our website and the material on our website; all the copyright and other intellectual property rights in our website and the material on our website are reserved.


You may only use our website for your own personal and business purposes.


You must not use our website for any other purposes, republish material from our website (including republication on another website), sell, rent or sub-license material from our website, exploit material from our website for a commercial purpose or redistribute material from our website, save to the extent expressly permitted by this notice.


You must not:


(a) use our website in any way or take any action that causes, or may cause, damage to the website or impairment of the performance, availability or accessibility of the website;


(b) use our website in any way that is unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful, or in connection with any unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful purpose or activity;


(c) use our website to copy, store, host, transmit, send, use, publish or distribute any material which consists of (or is linked to) any spyware, computer virus, Trojan horse, worm, keystroke logger, rootkit or other malicious computer software; or


(d) conduct any systematic or automated data collection activities (including without limitation scraping, data mining, data extraction and data harvesting) on or in relation to our website without our express written consent.


If you learn of any unlawful material or activity on our website or any material or activity that breaches this notice, please let us know. You can let us know about any such material or activity by using the contact details published on the contact section on the website.


You may request permission to use the copyright materials on our website by writing to us by email or post, using the contact details published on the contact section on the website.


Force Majeure.


‘Force majeure’ means any event, which we as “the artist” and supplier of the service(s) in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid and we cannot be held responsible should “the client” need to change, modify or cancel the booking, as a result, such events that may include (but not limited to) war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity or actual threatened terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, closure of airports, an outbreak of a virus or disease (including, but not limited to, Coronavirus/Covid-19), fire and all similar events outside our control.

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