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We offer a variety of pacakages and ensembles in order to create a truly special wedding day experience

For many couples, music is key to creating their special day. Opera soloists, ensembles and full live orchestras for weddings are becoming more common as the knowledge and appreciation of classical music grows. Is there anything that embodies love more immediately than an aria performed with the passion and commitment of a professional artist?

Lee Bradley has a wealth of experience performing at every style of wedding from small, intimate and precious to large, spectacular and celebratory. 


If you are considering entertaining your guests with a classical wedding singer, it is worth talking to us about your plans. 

 Why Choose Lee Bradley For Your Wedding?

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Golden tenor, Lee Bradley is gaining a growing reputation as one of the UK’s most famous wedding singers. His voice and fun personality mean he is ideally placed to entertain family and friends at any style of wedding - from formal and opulent to more relaxed and homely. 

His repertoire includes many wedding opera songs and arias as well as songs from film and theatre. He has helped many couples express, through music, their feelings on their special day.  If you’re looking for opera singers for hire for your wedding, Lee should definitely be on your list.

Lee is also a principal soloist for the English National Philharmonic Orchestra. He can bring his friends with him, should you wish, creating a truly magical musical experience. 

Why Choose the English National Philharmonic Orchestra?

Lee Bradley and the English National Philharmonic Orchestra may well be the answer if you are looking to hire an orchestra for a wedding.


The orchestra is widely recognised as one of the very best English philharmonic orchestras, for using experienced musicians of the highest standard and for giving top-quality performances time after time.  It recently accompanied international soprano Lesley Garrett who took centre stage during "Magic Of The Opera" delivering its ambitious programming and musical passion for all to enjoy.


If you’d like a soloist and orchestra package, we can help you make all the arrangements from answering basic questions such as ‘how much is it to hire an orchestra for a wedding?’ to having more detailed discussions around repertoire and performances. We can help you plan all the logistics and technicalities of your hire too. 


Choosing classical songs to sing at a wedding and selecting the right package for you and your guests could make your wedding truly one to remember. 

What Can We Offer You?

You can hire Lee Bradley as a solo male wedding singer. He is simply one of our best male classical singers. His mixture of warmth and sense of humour means his performances of favourite songs and arias have left audiences all over the world on their feet.


As a representative of the English National Philharmonic Orchestra, Lee can bring friends to your wedding too.


Whether it’s ten or fifty musicians, Lee’s golden tenor voice can be backed in a range of options. Each has been carefully put together to make sure your wedding guests have a wonderful musical experience during your special day.  


Hiring an orchestra might feel like a daunting challenge, but relax. Our team can do all the hard work for you and make the magic happen on the big day.  Contact us to discuss your requirements. 

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