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New Years Eve Spectacular
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New Years Eve Spectacular


New Year’s Eve is made that little bit extra special with The English National Philharmonic Orchestra, special guest soloists and a glass of bubbly. This incredible concert is a true feast for all music lovers. The New Years Eve speculator is a brilliantly uplifting and memorable choice to welcome in New Year’s.


This amazing concert features Some of Stausses famous whirling waltzes with all the glitz and glamour of the ballroom – from Délibes' ballet, Coppélia to Staurasses beautiful Blue Danube and Stanley’s trumpet voluntary. Uplifting and cheery, this show celebrates some of the greatest masterpieces and is bound to put a smile on your face in time for a rousing celebration as the chimes strike midnight.

Big Ben with fireworks in the background
Woman singing on stage

With a salute to Vienna, some of the Eurpoes finest musicians come together to perform in our New Year’s Concert. You can almost see the fireworks flying from the orchestra in works from Tchaikovsky to Andrew Lloyd Webber. Loud, brash, over the top, yet beautifully musical, this celebratory orchestral concert is bound to give you a burst of optimism as the old year draws to a close.

musicians playing on stage

Traditionally sung (or at least mimed if you’ve forgotten the words!) as the first song of the New Year is the famous famous folk song with words by Robert Burns - Auld Lang Syne. The Fantasia by Ernest Tomlinson makes the most of the familiar melody and weaves it in with other well known pieces.

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